Issue ∞: BRB 🐒

We're taking a brief hiatus

Hey y’all! This time last year we were in the thick of indoor Pride, bringing you a month of LGBTQ+-focused movies and celebrating being amazing (aka bi). This year, we’re celebrating in much different ways — easing our way back into the world, figuring out next steps, and remembering how it feels to be tired of social engagements.

As such, we’re going on hiatus for a bit! We’re not weathermen, so we can’t tell you the exact forecast for when we’ll be back, but trust we’ll be back pinging your inboxes in the blink of the eye. In the meantime, let’s all catch up on some movies and enjoy this vaccinated summer! You still know where to find us (here, Twitter probably, elsewhere on the internet) and in the meantime, we wish you a merry screening of F9.


Cate + Zosha <3